Jul 14, 2011

The Kissable Kitchen

Who, what, and why is The Kissable Kitchen? It's a kitchen where baked goods are made using culinary flowers, healthy ingredients, and three powerful health boosters in assorted baked goods.

Photo by Georgina Jennson
The mission behind The Kissable Kitchen is to offer home baked treats of a normal size and quantity, as opposed to the oversize cakes and cupcakes we see today, taking the cupcake and muffin back to it's original size- a fun way to enjoy a small piece of cake. Along with this comes the idea that if one is going to eat a sweet or a treat it should at least have a healthy ingredient that can give the body something good along with the not so good.For example: A Green Tea and dark chocolate cupcake. With Green Tea and Dark chocolate giving your body load of goodness!  At the same time, The Kissable Kitchen uses as little sugar as possible, only top of the line ingredients, without any unnecessary additives or food colorings, and goes organic whenever possible. Each baked goodie is a personal recipe with a personal touch of goodness. If flowers don't excite you we also offer plenty of baked goodies without flowers, in some of today's most popular flavors, and some flavors you may have never heard of but will tantalize your taste buds just the same!

Six culinary flower flavors offer a unique way to enjoy baked treats. Imagine upon taking a bite, a powerful aromatherapy essence is enjoyed, followed by a delicious, sensuous, experience to your taste buds.  Culinary flowers also offer health benefits, and some offer this benefit through aroma as well as consumption.  The Kissable Kitchen uses culinary flowers of Lavender, Lemon Verbena, Rose hips, Roses, Jasmine, and Marigold. All of these culinary flowers offer a health benefit as well and are commonly used as natural medicines. 

 Aside from culinary flowers (especially grown for culinary use), The Kissable Kitchen offers three of the most powerful health boosters in society today and introduces them in baked goods.  Acai Berry, Matcha (Green Tea), and Chia Seeds, have been put into popular breakfast items such as waffles, muffins, and Tea Cakes.

We do not believe in the over sized sweet but rather a normal size. Helping us to keep within our fitness, health, and weight control regimes, and controlling our sugar and toxin intake. Thus, eliminating the obesity trend seen around the world today.  Therefore, you will not find an oversize,  muffin, nor will you find a mountain size cupcake, frosted to the hilt.  However, you will find a delicious, normal size cupcake with a cupcake frosting just as lovely, just as tasty and just as beautiful as it sits on its throne of the cupcake.

The Kissable Kitchen has adopted the principle of less is more. Taking a page from the Japanese: Small is better, balance is everything.

We like baked goods in small scale: 7 inch cakes, bite size cookies, a normal sized cupcake, keeping decoration elegant and simple, and of course as healthy and organic as possible.

All baked goods can be frozen for future use or stored in airtight containers for up to 3 days.

"It is health that is real wealth and
not pieces of gold and silver
~ Mahatma Gandhi